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Yes, the magnificent backpack! Often just overlooked as a carry-all, the humble backpack it is a piece of equipment that belies its simplicity. A thing of beauty that can become a friend and loyal partner.

Once an icon of outdoor enthusiasts, backpacks are now seen as everyday wear by thousands of people from school kids to city commuters.  Not only used for everyday events, but a well-constructed sturdy backpack has also been the travelling partner for many who have explored the globe, with all their most important assets safely carried on their person.  Backpacks are designed to be used, abused, and, dare we say…loved!

There are more backpacks available today than you can shake a stick at. Every shape and size is available in high street stores from supermarkets to specialist outlets. When you also consider the colossal range available online, it can be a tricky business to pick the right one for you.

Which Backpack Though?

How can you be sure how much it holds without actually having it in your hands? How tough is the material? How many compartments does it have? Are the straps comfortable? Will it take my laptop? Is a hiking backpack good for school, college or Uni? Will it keep my sandwiches dry?

So many questions. That’s why is here. We will give you an accurate review of your intended purchase with the sort of questions you may be asking.

This is a bit of an ongoing project from us as there seems to be a host of new backpacks arriving every week!

We don’t sell ANY backpacks or rucksacks from this site, instead we gauge customers reviews on Amazon for you instead. Because, sometimes it can be a pain scrolling through hundreds of mixed reviews only to be left disappointed. We also go through other online feedback to give you the complete picture of the backpack being reviewed.

We do buy backpacks ourselves, from Amazon, so we can get our hands dirty trying them out. But as we are independent reviewers, we can’t possibly afford to buy every backpack we review.

Why Amazon?

In our experience, they offer the biggest range at the very best prices. They offer free delivery and free returns, they arrive quickly and are well packaged…and finally, they can be trusted.

I, myself, am a keen hiker who has gone through every type of backpack, rucksack and daypack in my time. I’ve been a hiker for 30 years, so I think my experience of using backpacks counts for a lot. I know what to look for.

So, if you’ve seen a backpack you’re interested in anywhere online or the high street, be sure to check to see if we’ve reviewed it. We try to get through as many as we can but as we have full-time jobs too, this is more of a passionate hobby.

You can be sure, no wool will be pulled over your eyes! We aim to be transparent and fair.

Please be sure to bookmark us, or follow us on Facebook. You never know when you will need a backpack!