About Us

Welcome to RucksackBackpack.co.uk!

This little website is basically a review site of many of the backpacks and rucksacks available for many activities.

Most of the backpacks are available on Amazon.co.uk and the reason I chose this store is because of their superb customer service and their outstanding delivery, On top of that, they stock almost every kind of rucksack and backpack available in the UK.

I, myself, am a keen hiker who has gone through more backpacks than you can shake a stick at! In my time, I’ve tackled hikes of over 500 miles down to day hikes that last just a couple of hours….but all enjoyable.

I have used framed and frame-less backpacks, waterproof 90L monsters to 5L rucksacks that can only fit in the essentials, but my most used backpack and favourite one is my Berghaus Munro (now 9 years old and still the best!)

I live in the UK and have the Malvern Hills on my doorstep that serve me very well when I’m unable to get to the Brecon Beacons, Lake District or Highlands.

Malvern – My Back Yard!

So, I hope you find a backpack or rucksack you like. I’m not able to get my hands on all the backpacks I review…that would be tremendous, but I’m a small fish in a very big sea…but I do have some sent to me for review. I also have friends who are kind enough to give me their views of their backpacks to which I pass on to this website.

When I come across rucksacks I can’t get my hands on and can’t physically review, I search the net and form an opinion of the average ‘feel’ the product produces and write a review from there. This interests me highly as I’m always on the look out for new backpacks I can use myself in the future.

Thanks for reading my ‘about’ page and if you have any questions or would like me to review a backpack, then please contact me here.