Berghaus Hydrapak Hydration System Review

This Berghaus Hydrapak Hydration System is the 2L version of the simple plu ‘n’ play hydration pack from Berghaus. There is also a 3L style for even more water capacity.

Stay hydrated on your adventures using the deluxe Berghaus Hydrapak 2 Litre Hydration System. This fully featured hydration pack will ensure your thirst is quenched with a Big Bore tube and high flow surge valve. The reservoir is reversible for easy cleaning – simply turn it inside out for a quick cleaning solution.

  • Plug ‘n’ play hose connector allows for easy filling
  • BPA and PVC free
  • Roll top closure with wide mouth for easy filling
  • Reversible reservoir for easy maintenance
  • High flow bite valve with ON/OFF positions
  • Manufactured for Berghaus by HYDRAPAK® USA.

Berghaus Hydrapak Hydration System Review

The Berghaus Hydrapak Hydration System has something that a lot of other hydration bags don’t have…I call it the gulp factor!

Lots of cheaper hydrations packs tend to only give you a dribble, when what you need really need is an almighty torrent of water to satisfy your thirst. This has the Big Bore tube and high flow valve that lets you do just that.

The fitting is a little fiddly and it may take a few goes to get it right. You’ll need to wash the hydration unit after every hike, so practice makes perfect.

The Berghaus Hydrapak Hydration System can be turned inside out so it can be thoroughly cleaned for you next trip.

The pack gets a 3.5 out of 5 from us as it is a bit frustrating the first few times you attach and re-attach it to your backpack. The locking system also needs to be secured firmly before setting off, but overall, a decent hydration pack from Berghaus.

This packs also comes with a lifetime no-leak warranty from Hydrapak.

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