Camelbak Compatible Hydration Pack Review

Finding a Camelbak Compatible Hydration Pack is a pretty easy job, but are they as good, better or just a waste of time? Here we look at the most popular 2 Litre bladder bag.

2L Hiking Hydration System Pack Water Reservoir

Perfect for: Back Packing, Biking, Hiking, Running, Climbing, or any other energetic outdoor types that can sip their daily requirements of water without having to stop.

Features – Capacity 2L, Great accessory for endurance activities, Tube length: 100cm, Holds liquid with -40℃ to 100℃ temperature. Convenient hand-free bite valve design.

Keep Refreshed while on the move with this Water Reservoir.

Camelbak Compatible Hydration Pack Review

There are lots of companies trying to make a Camelbak Compatible Hydration Pack, and basically they’re all the same. The one featured here is almost the exact design of many others, with probably the stamp and makers name being the difference.

So what can we expect from a Camelbak Compatible Hydration Pack?

Well, to replace a Camelbak bladder bag, you’re asking a lot. They are giants in this field and trying to replicate a master is a tough thing to achieve. But saying that, you’re saving a fair wedge if they can compete.Camelbak Compatible Hydration Pack Review

And they can!

Paying under a tenner for a decent, well built bladder that fits almost any hydration system, not only Camelbak systems, is well worth a trial. Incidentally, to see how much water you should be drinking by activity, go here for an explanation.

Some things to look out for though. The awful chemical, plasticy taste is often the bugbear with these cheaper models. With established, more expensive bladders, you don’t seem to get this problem. There is a way to rid the foul taste here, but do you really want to go through the kerfuffle?

And then there’s the problem of trust. If you already own a Camelbak backpack, do you trust an outsider with no real form to win you over? With exclusive dedicated hydration packs that already come with your backpack, you can forget the odd dribble and leak can’t you? Or is that snobbery?

If you’re after a decent hydration pack and you don’t mind the nasty taste, then this model will do you fine. Go here to see more reviews and see today’s updated price of this Camelbak Compatible Hydration Pack.

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