Belkin Backpack For 15 inch Notebooks

This Belkin Backpack for 15 inch Notebooks is a solid choice for anyone looking for a well built and stylish laptop backpack.

Lots of inside pockets for the person who likes to be organised and a simple outer design for the unfussy.

Belkin are renowned for their quality build and reliability and the lifetime warranty makes it even more appealing.

Belkin Backpack For 15 inch Notebooks Review:

A very stylish backpack to carry your 15″ and below sized laptop around. It offers style and comfort and a mind boggling 13 internal pockets!

Seriously made for someone who likes to keep things in order, but also big enough to carry around the essentials. But why so many pockets?Belkin Backpack For 15 inch Notebooks

The zippers only come down about 3 inches each side of the main compartment, so no worries of a spilling laptop there. The zippers are also 2-way, so can be opened from either side. Having two way zippers also allows you to attach little padlocks for extra safety.

The Belkin Backpack For 15 inch Notebooks is one of only two makes from Belkin in the backpack style, most are messenger type bags. The only other backpack version offers a 17″ style that would obviously suit bigger laptops.

The material is strong enough and durable enough to take stains and the odd knock, in fact it’s called Ballistic fabric and cleans very easily.

A strong, stylish unfussy backpack for your 15.6″ laptop that earns a 4 out of 5 from us.

We feel although the material is ‘ballistic’ it is a little thin and makes bulky items stick out. Also, is there really any need for 13 pockets? Once you filled one pocket it restricts the space in the pocket next to it.

If you’re a commuter, this is probably an ideal choice for you. If you only need the essentials, such as a laptop, its charger, newspaper, pens, wallet and keys and room for you mobile phone, you’ll be fine, but more than that and you may struggle to fit anything else in.

But overall, a well built laptop backpack at an attractive price.

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