Belkin Impulse Line Slim Backpack for 17 inch Laptops

The Belkin Impulse Line Slim Backpack has compartments for everything from pens, business cards, credit cards, power supplies and your other notebook accessories.

Separate removable pouch for your power supply coordinates with your bag and contrasts for easy identification.

The shoulder straps and backside of the Slim Back Pack have extra padding and breathable mesh for maximum support and comfort. Convenient headphone grommet provides access to your MP3 player while keeping it safe and stored in a secure pocket.

Belkin Impulse Line Slim Backpack Review:

This version of the Belkin Impulse Line Slim Backpack is not the messenger style that it often gets confused with, no, this is the one that you carry as a normal backpack with 2 shoulder straps, not the one with a single strap that you carry as a messenger.

Right, now we know the style, what does this BelkinĀ  offer?

Firstly, right of the bat, the most asked question about this Belkin is, can laptops of 15 inch fit comfortably in this? Um…well, yes and then some. This is one of those models that says it fits 17″ laptops and really does, in fact there have been reports of 17.3″ laptops making their home inside the Belkin Impulse Line Slim Backpack, but best keep to a definite 17″.
So no worries there, and not only that, it fits them in securely inside the luxurious interior like a king in his palace!Belkin Impulse Line Slim Backpack

The material used is breathable, so no matter how long the backpack is up against your sweaty back, the moisture won’t hold. Now, is the Belkin Impulse waterproof? No, it isn’t, but, because of the material used on the pack, it makes it almost so.

You can get caught in a downpour and the likelihood of your contents getting a soaking would be rare. That doesn’t mean to say you can throw it a pool of water and expect your lappy to be bone dry…that would be just silly!

When the Belkin Impulse Line Slim Backpack is sat on your back it feels light and comfortable and looks stylish, not like the backpacks that make you look like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

There is a lot of padding that surround the contents, so it can take a bang or two. Inside there are 3 open pockets in which one of those would be fit for an A4 pad, with the other two smaller pockets used for maybe a mouse and wallet. There’s also a zipped compartment to keep your keys and ready cash in.

A nice touch is the ‘pencil case’ bag, that we suspect should be used for your charger rather than your scribes. Great idea, because no one likes the problems that tangled cables can cause,

On the outside you’ll find a further a further 2 zipped pockets that can be used for business cards, notes, passport…that sort of thing and another Velcro secured pocket where you can neatly slip in the carrying straps to keep them from flapping about.

All in all, and excellent backpack to carry around your laptop, and did I mention, it takes a 17″ notebook?

The Belkin Impulse Line Slim Backpack gets an almighty 4.6 out of 5 from us. The reason it didn’t hit the perfect button is its size. It is a wide rucksack that may swamp someone under average height. Belkin don’t make this in a 15″ size, so if you’re a small build sort of person, the backpack may be a little too big.

Also, remember, a lot of laptops are thicker at one end than the other, so a 17″ old fashioned laptop with a big butt might struggle to fit in with ease. If this is the case, don’t put the notebook in a sleeve, just slip it in naked. the padding is so good, it should be safe enough anyway.

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