Targus EcoSpruce Backpack for 15.6 inch Laptops

The Targus EcoSpruce Backpack for laptops is a pretty unique and environmentally friendly way to carry your laptop around. Targus are know for their eco-friendly bags that deliver quality time after time.

The EcoSpruce includes a quick access pocket which includes a key clip, pen loops, business card holder, accessory compartments, water bottle holder and mp3 player pocket.

The fabric is made of recycled plastic bottles, rubberized zip pullers, water bottle holder, PVC-free construction and a water resistant bottom.

Targus EcoSpruce Backpack for laptop Review:

The Targus EcoSpruce Backpack has 3 front compartments and a zipper pocket to the front, so plenty to dive into. A water bottle holder on one side and an mp3 player pocket, with lead hole, on the other.

The bottom is made of water resistant material, so plonking it down on a wet surface won’t get it the contents soaked. So does that mean the Targus Ecospruce Backpack is waterproof? Well, no. It’s water resistant and that’s a whole different ball game.Targus EcoSpruce Backpack

Saying that, it still resists water which a lot of backpacks don’t. To have a fully dedicated waterproofed backpack would cost a lot more, probably 3 times more. If it’s an issue, just buy a waterproof lining for a cheaper option.

The laptop sleeve inside is well padded at the sides and bottom and will easily fit a 15″ laptop and was made especially for a 15.6″ laptop.

The 2nd compartment will hold A4 folders and text books and is still big enough to take a change of clothes and lunch, the third is good enough for mobile phones, keys, wallet…that sort of thing. Finally, the front zipper pocket would be good for change and small notes.

The padded shoulder straps makes this easy to wear and stays comfortable on the back as the weight seems to distribute evenly. It could benefit further if it had chest and waist straps, but not everyone needs those.

A good all round backpack that can take a large-ish laptop. We give the Targus EcoSpruce Backpack 4.1 out of 5.

Negative points? Well there isn’t a grab handle on the to; you have to pick it up with the side straps and when you put it down on it’s bottom, it rolls over!

It could also do with holes in the zip pullers to be able to put little padlocks on to make it more secure. If you’re a commuter who uses the tube, you’ll know it’s a haven for pickpockets and thieves, so a lock would be a good idea on the pockets.

Apart from that, the Targus EcoSpruce Backpack is a solid rucksack, it has style and is very Eco-friendly.

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