Wenger Pillar Laptop Backpack for 16 inch Notebooks

The Wenger Pillar Laptop Backpack will carry notebooks of up to 16″ in size and is part of the PILLAR collection of protective computer cases, This 16″ backpack offers a unique combination of fabrics and several convenient features.

Effectively protects today’s larger laptops and protects against accidental damage. The backpack increases airflow and keeps your back cool and along with extra padding for long lasting comfort/

Belongings are kept neat and easily accessible and the actual rucksack can be ‘stood up’ without rolling over, another way to help prevent damage to you laptop.

The sizes are H x W x D: 19″ x 14″ x 9″ and comes with a 3 year warranty.

Wenger Pillar Laptop Backpack Review:

The Wenger Pillar Laptop Backpack, (Wenger being part of the excellent SwissGear group), has a couple of important pluses when it comes to backpacks; It’s comfortable and stays upright when you put it down.

Firstly, the comfort is excellent. The padded shoulder straps border on luxury, important if you’re carrying around all your stuff for the day. There’s nothing worse than an ill fitting backpack. The straps can be fixed to give you the best comfort.

Secondly, the Wenger Pillar Laptop Backpack has a platform at the bottom that allows the rucksack to stay upright when placed on the ground. How many times has your old rucksack folded over with your goodies slipping out? With the platform in place, the backpack stays upright.Wenger Pillar Laptop Backpack

So, if you’re after a comfortable backpack that can take a laptop up to 16″ and solid enough to not keep keeling over every time you put it down, then Wenger Pillar Laptop Backpack is a rucksack to consider.

There are 4 zippered compartments to the front. The main compartment holds your laptop of up to 16″ and is held by a strap, you can also put your jacket in here for added protection to your notebook. The second compartment will hold your text books, papers, lunch, charger…that sort of thing.

The 3rd compartment is where you will put your phone, wallet, keys, pens etc and includes a mesh separator. The 4th front compartment is small and will hold a passport, small change and tickets.

Three of the compartments have double zips so you can open from either end.

The sides of the Wenger Backpack each have a mesh drinks holder. The top of the rucksack has a carry handle.

Those are the positives of this backpack, now what about the negatives?

Although looking very stylish from the outside, the interior feels a little untidy. Some of the stitching looks weak and the cloth feels a little flimsy.

It’s not waterproof, but then for the price you wouldn’t expect it to be.

We feel the Wenger Pillar Laptop Backpack is fine if you’re a college student or commuter and need a well organised backpack for a laptop up to 16″ in size and we give it a 3.6 of of 5.

Interestingly, this laptop seems to very expensive at the specialized computer stores and retail outlets for some reason. The best price you’re likely to find is away from those outlets.

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