Cabin Max DayPack Student Rucksack Review

Cabin Max DayPack Student Rucksack is a Lightweight (500g) day bag for everyday use. It’s features a padded section for you portable media devices like ipad, etc. and has 600D water resistant material as well as padded back and straps.

2 zip pockets 1 external pocket and a bottle holder. Highly versatile and durable backpack.

It’s is the perfect size for hand luggage when you like to travel light 42 x 28 x 18cm (21 litre)

Cabin Max DayPack Student Rucksack Review

The Cabin Max DayPack Student Rucksack is one of the cheapest all rounder’s we’ve come across. That doesn’t mean to say it’s cheaply made though, it’s a roomy 21l waterproof rucksack made from 600D water resistant coated material, you don’t get many rucksacks with that and at this price!

Cabin Max DayPack Student Rucksack So, what’s it best used for?

Ideally, we would recommend the Cabin Max DayPack Student Rucksack for school or maybe for work, enabling you to carry school books, a laptop and lunch box. There are 4 pockets in which the main compartment is big enough to text books and other student essentials.

The straps are padded well and the rucksack is comfortable to wear. The compartment inside allows you laptop (up to 17inch) to be securely fastened and also offers padded protection.

A couple of things to realize about the Cabin Max DayPack Student Rucksack…it’s value priced, so don’t expect a top of the range, last-you-years backpack. Although the material is strong initially, this model tends to wear down after prolonged use, but if you just want a rucksack to take stuff to school or work and not go serious hiking, this could be for you.

We give the Cabin Max DayPack Student Rucksack a 3.8 out of 5, purely on value and a level of waterproof-ness that this backpack boasts. If you’re after a more rugged backpack to go hiking, perhaps The North Face Borealis Rucksack would be better suited, but for school or work, Cabin DayPack will suffice.

If you’re in any doubt that this is a good value basic backpack with waterproof capabilities, there are a ton of reviews over at

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