Gelert Volt Rucksack Review

The Gelert Volt Rucksack is a small, but beautifully put together, rucksack. If it’s simple and small you want, this is the rucksack for you.

It contains one main compartment and a front zippered pocket. It has padded shoulder straps for comfort and is able to cater for A4 sized work, useful for carrying school books or college work.

The material used is tough, durable polyester fabric and is a lightweight design for less weight to carry.

Gelert Volt Rucksack Review

Ever wanted a grab bag? Then this is the one!

Gelert Volt Rucksack ReviewIf you don’t really care if a rucksack has a hundred pockets or whether it’s waterproof or has a suspension system for better balance, then you may be after just…a bag to store things in as you move around.

The Gelert Volt Rucksack is perfect for traveling on airplanes, taking your lunch box to work or even using it for school does the job.

It carries A4 sized paperwork, so will be capable of carrying a laptop, iPad and other essentials, although we do recommended those kinds of things already be in a padded sleeve…the the size is good enough.

Maybe you just want a rucksack for days out and need to carry the essentials like food, maps and a change of clothes, the Gelert Volt Rucksack will do the job well.

The incredible thing about the rucksack is it’s price…usually under £10! Check latest price here, make sure you check which one you want first, the prices change often.

For it’s value and no nonsense ability, we give the Gelert Volt Rucksack a solid 4 out of 5. The only niggle that can happen so often with small rucksacks at this price is that the zips do tend to become troublesome after a while, but that’s taking nothing away from it being a solid value rucksack.

(Also note that these value backpacks sell out quite often.)

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