Nitro Snowboards Lock Pack Rucksack Review

The Nitro Snowboards Lock Pack Rucksack is from those excellent snowboard specialists Nitro.

This backpacks is rare to get in this Country and is nearly always out of stock, but if you do manage to get your hands on one, then you’ve secured a very stylish, cavernous backpack that is rarer then hens teeth in the UK!

  • Dimensions: 50 x 34 x 25 cm / 37 L
  • Fleece-lined sunglasses compartment and padded 17-inch laptop compartment
  • Two large main compartments and large front organiser compartment
  • Interior pockets for documents and magazines; interior bottle holder
  • Concealed side zip pockets; ergonomically shaped back element; heavy-duty shoulder straps

Nitro Snowboards Lock Pack Rucksack Review

The Nitro Snowboards Lock Pack Rucksack comes in around 8 different styles of colour, all with an eye-catching appeal. It’s a big one, that’s for sure and is ideal for school or college to lug around all those text books and paper that seem to accumulate.

Also inside is a padded sleeve for a 17″ laptop and it still leaves plenty of room. The two main compartments have dividers so you can easily split up the charger and mouse to stop that infernal tangling that goes on!Nitro Snowboards Lock Pack Rucksack

The main compartments are large enough to take a change of clothes, your lunch, A4 folders and, along with the separate pockets inside for, mobile phones, pens, wallets/purses and the rest of those digital devices we accumulate.

So you can see it’s 37L capacity will hold all your essentials…and more.

Typically made for Snowboarding folk, it has the snowboard, or skateboard, holder on the back and the straps are designed to be ergonomically comfortable to wear.

If you’re out on the slopes, the Nitro Snowboards Lock Pack Rucksack is water repellent and although not totally waterproof, it will repel water…just don’t go throwing into a lake!

As well as the two main areas of storage, there is a front pocket that can handle all your papers and notes and has easy access. A great feature is the hidden side pocket that will enable you to keep cash, passports and other goodies that need to be hidden.

Also inside the main compartment of the Nitro Snowboards Lock Pack Rucksack is a water bottle holder and a fleece lined sunglasses pouch…or you can put your touch screen smart-phone in there to stop it getting scratched.

The size is important to note here, it’s larger than your usual school or college back pack at around 20 inches in length and although that isn’t much bigger than the standard, be aware you can get a lot of stuff in here, so it will be heavier when fully laden.

Of course, the ergonomically designed padded back will take most of the weight and distribute it evenly.

So, all in all an exceptional backpack for school, college, sports and even travel as the measurements meet the carry-on dimensions of aircraft flight. We give the Nitro Snowboards Lock Pack Rucksack at giddy 4.7 out of 5 with the only negative being its availability.

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