Roamlite RL13M Large Laptop Rucksack Review

If you’re on the lookout for a bigger carrier for your laptop then the Roamlite RL13M Large Laptop Rucksack is one to consider.

This Laptop Backpack is tailored for todays 15.6″, 16.4 and 17 Inch size screen size Laptops and notebooks.

The Roamlite RL13M Large Laptop Rucksack is the perfect hand luggage size laptop bag for the Toshiba satellite, HP Pavillion, 16.4 inch Sony Vaio. The Laptop sleeve is also compatible for ALL 17 inch laptop screens including the 16.4 inch Sony Vaio series.

The RL13 laptop backpack has 2 large compartments (1 including the up to 17 inch laptop padded sleeve) 2 front pockets. Lockable double zips, a padded airflow comfy back and robust straps including a sternum strap and clip.

Also, compression straps on the side of the rucksack and 2 zippable side pockets. Inside the bags main compartment is a small organiser for pens etc.

Roamlite RL13M Large Laptop Rucksack Review:

This is a roomy laptop backpack!

It’s super lightweight and only weigh less than a kilo. It has a capacity of 30L, is water resistant, has padded airflow back system, sternum straps, waist clips and can carry your big old laptop…what’s not to like?Roamlite RL13M Large Laptop Rucksack

If taking away on holidays, or you fly a lot, the specs of this laptop meet the requirements of on-board hand luggage. This can be a huge plus if you don’t want your digital items stowed away and out of your (concerned) sight.

You can, of course, use it as a normal backpack so you can fit even more stuff into it. The padded shoulder straps are comfy and there are lots of pockets to keep things organized.

The description says the Roamlite RL13M Large Laptop Rucksack would fit ALL 17 laptops, but please be aware, this is a little misleading. It certainly fits the models mentioned above, but to be on the safe side, I would say it’s perfect for laptops up to 15.6″ in size.

Also, the padding is not the best. You will have to find a length of foam to fit at the bottom of the sleeve, as this is the thinnest place, vital if you’re always setting your backpack down on it’s bottom.

But for comfort, compartments and the ability to easily fit a 15.6″ laptop, it’s fine. Don’t forget the 30L capacity either, that’s a lot of room for text books, A4 folders, lunch, spare clothes etc.

For a more dedicated laptop backpack for 17″ notebook, we suggest this one.

We give the Roamlite RL13M Large Laptop Rucksack a 3.6 out of 5. We may have been a bit mean, but if Roamlite are going to advertise a rucksack that fits ALL 17″ laptops, then so it should.

But if you’re after a comfortable backpack and have a 15.6″ laptop and below, this is a good choice.

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