Swissgear Cobalt Laptop Backpack Review GA-7343-06

The Swissgear Cobalt Laptop Backpack is able to carry a laptop of up to 15.6 inches and comes with the reputation of a giant amongst laptop makes…Swissgear.

The company are famous for the original Swiss Army Knife and you know that is one huge iconic beast! This backpack is made by the very same company.

The Swissgear 16″ Cobalt Laptop Backpack includes the SWISSGUARD computer pocket & comfort fit straps. it’s lightweight and full of convenient pockets, the COBALT computer backpack fits up to a 16″/41 cm laptop and still has room for lots more

Size – 14″w x 19″h x 9″d / 35w x 48h x 23d cm

Swissgear Cobalt Laptop Backpack Review:

The Swissgear Cobalt Laptop Backpack is not only for laptops, it can be used for an array of other things. It has a capacity of 23L and more pockets than you can shake a stick at!

Obviously well built by the makers of the Swiss Army Knife, it has a feel of comfort and stability. The shoulder straps, as with all SwissGear models, is second to none and really gives you that well balanced and secure fit.Swissgear Cobalt Laptop Backpack Swissgear GA-7343-06 Cobalt 15.6 Inch Laptop Backpack

The backpack has 4 compartments to the front which includes the laptop area which can be fastened down by strong Velcro, There’s enough room in this compartment to house your fleece or jacket, along with your lunch, charger, mouse etc.

This is also where the stability platform can be placed flat so the rucksack ‘sits-up’ when you place it on the ground.

The second compartment is smaller and can fit A4 sized paper and the odd book or two. The 3rd compartment at the front is smaller still and not very deep, ideal for tickets and notes.

The 4th front compartment is where you can keep you mobile phone, pens and keys and has the benefit of a secret zipped pocket to put your most valuable items such as a wallet or passport.

Outside of the Swissgear Cobalt Laptop Backpack are mesh drink holders on each side, and a 2 top carry handles. On the reverse is a well padded back area and air flow system.

An excellent backpacks from SwissGear and we give it a decent 4.5 out of 5. Now the niggles (there are always some!)

Is the Swissgear Cobalt Laptop Backpack waterproof?
You would think coming from a cold and wet country it would be, but alas, it’s not. It will be able to handle a shower, but a severe prolonged downpour would inevitably weaken the fabric and finally allow water to get in. Most un-waterproofed backpacks work like this, only the dedicated waterproof backpacks can keep all water out.

So not really a negative, but something to think about.

Also, the laptop area could be better padded at the top, not an issue if you never drop your backpack from a height, but if it ever was to happen, and hit the floor top first…damage. A top cover padding would be nice.

OK, little niggles on what is an excellent, well built, stylish laptop rucksack.

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