Andes Ramada 120L Extra Large Hiking Camping Backpack

  • Genuine ANDES® Branded Product – High-Quality Camping Goods at Unbeatable Prices
  • The Andes® Black Ramada backpacks are the ultimate travelling bag ideal for hiking, camping, festivals and many more activities
  • H: 75 (29.5″) x W: 44 (17″) x D: 32cm (12.5″) approx. 1500g approx. 120L capacity
  • Three front pockets and three accessory clips, front drawstring section, large bottom pocket, small top pocket. One large main pocket, two side zip pockets, two side mesh pockets
  • Compression straps. Fully adjustable shoulder and waist straps and available in more colours than you can shake a stick at!

Andes Ramada Extra Large Backpack Review & Details

The Andes Ramada Extra Large Backpack is a beast! If you’re planning on a music festival sojourn, then this would be ideal for packing all your goodies into one very big space!

Inside, there is a huge main space for those larger items…tent, sleeping bag, a slab of beer and can be secured by a strong drawstring. Pockets galore with 2 pockets to the side along with 2 mesh compartments and a further three pockets to the front and a spacious pocket at the bottom.

Enough compartments to see you spending 20 minutes looking for your pass! With a little practice, you’ll soon get into the habit of just popping the essential items in the small pocket located at the top. Perfect for that pass, your wallet, phone, keys and headphones.

There are 3 accessory clips to the front and a frontal drawstring section. The value is incredible with its 120-litre capacity. There are other extra large backpacks that cost 4 times this and do the same job.

Andes Ramada 120L Extra Large Hiking Camping Backpack

Festival Favourite!

If you need to tighten everything up, then you can make use of the compression straps that grips it all together. The Andes Ramada may be huge but anyone can manage it with all the adjustable straps to help with balance and comfort.

On the top is the carry handle which makes it useful for getting from A to B without having to strap yourself in every time you need to move.

And don’t worry about its strength. The Andes Ramada Backpack is made of tough polyester, so dragging around in all weathers isn’t a problem.

With the price so low, you can’t expect it to be waterproof, but that doesn’t take anything away from the Andes Ramada backpack as a great value bug out bag.

Of course, it’s only a suggestion that this huge backpack be used for festivals…it’s also good for long hikes, but we would suggest a waterproof backpack or quality bag if you’re planning on a wet few days away.

Is It the Perfect BIG Backpack?

Any negatives apart from waterproofing? Well, for this price, no. The backpack may appear to be quite stiff when first used, but with wear, it will soften up.

The zips have reportedly been quite stiff, but again, with wear, they should loosen a little.

And finally, if you’re carrying a heavy load, be prepared for some chaffing. The straps are strong, but common sense tells you that lumping around a big weight on your back will only lead to discomfort.

So, the Andes Ramada extra large backpack is superb value for anyone wanting to spend a few days away from home in the wilderness…or on a noisy festival campsite!