Berghaus Munro Rucksack 35L Review – Top Marks!

The Berghaus Munro Rucksack is somewhat of a classic! It’s been around for years and hardly anything has been changed in all that time.

It’s a no nonsense, tough, military style rucksack that even the army rely on. The Berghaus Munro is everything you need for an A to B hike without having a dozen pockets to confuse matters. It’s a rucksack that does it’s job supremely.

Getting quite rare these days, so grab one before it’s discontinued!


  • Volume: 35 litre capacity
  • Weight: (approx) 1 kg / 2.2 lb
  • Dimensions: (H) 52cm, (W) 30cm, (D) 18cm
  • Suitable for: Hiking, trekking and general travel
  • Carry your load with equal distribution and support with the internal frame
  • Carry your canteen, walking pole, or any other accessory on one of the four attachment points (complete with bungee cord)
  • Padded back system
  • Top lid pocket
  • Supportive waistbelt
  • Padded, adjustable shoulder straps
  • Carry your load with equal distribution and support with the internal frame

Berghaus Munro Rucksack Review:

The Berghaus Munro Rucksack is not your run-of-the-mill daysack. When we think of the modern day backpack, which we use for hiking or travel, it seems there has to be a family of pockets in which to lose things…it’s as if it’s a requirement. Why?

OK, it’s nice to have sections for your essentials, but why so many separate pouches? The Berghaus Munro has one big ol’ compartment where you can stuff its 35 litre capacity to your heart content!

“But wait…if I stuff all my things in there won’t it get bent all out of shape?” Nope! Not a bit of it. The Berghaus Munro has an internal frame that keeps everything in proportion and also has a truly well padded back that will leave you surprised at the level of comfort offered.

There are Four accessory attachment points with bungee cord so you can carry your canteen and walking poles with ease.

The material used to make this backpack is the extra tough Ardura 1000D which is a very strong Nylon which makes the Berghaus Munro Rucksack almost bombproof. The material is the sort you can drag through mud, thorny bushes and drop onto sharp rocks and it won’t tear or rip…and the mud just wipes away.Berghaus Munro Rucksack 35L berghaus munro daysack

It’s not totally waterproof, but it does a great job of keeping water out such is the strength of the Ardura 1000D, but if you’re worried about your contents getting wet, just get a waterproof inner liner bag to further protect your goods. They’re pretty cheap to buy.

There is one small zip pouch pocket at the top for your essentials like keys, cash and passport, but no further pockets to worry about…doesn’t that make a nice change!

The Berghaus Munro is a top loader and has side compression straps so you can really slim the backpack down for air travel. The true size, incidentally, isĀ 52cm height 30cm width and 18cm depth, most airlines quote 55cm x 40cm x 20cm, so it falls well within the requirements. If it does look bulky and bigger than those measurements, just use the compression straps to make it ‘thinner’.

Be aware also that hand luggage requirements on airlines for weight can range from 5kg to unlimited, so best check out those first before travelling.

If you do fill the Berghaus Munro Rucksack to capacity when hiking, it may seem heavy, but with the internal frame, padded back and waist belt, it will seem much lighter because the weight is distributed properly, not like a lot of standard backpacks which tend to pull and drag on your shoulders.

To us, this is almost the perfect rucksack and we rate is as a 4.8 out 5 winner. We would like to see it in another colour, the cedar green is fine, but black or even blue would be a great choice.

The fact that it isn’t totally waterproof, although very nearly so, isn’t really a minus point. There are ways to get around this and you would have to be caught in a wild tropical storm or fall into a river to get the inside wet…and we don’t really want to be doing that do we?

It’s been used by the army for years, so if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for us!

The video below is from Youtube and the reviewer (LoneWolf) gives a perfect run through of the Berghaus Munro Rucksack that’s he’s been using for years.

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