Berghaus Verden 65 Rucksack Jet Black Coal 75 lt

The Berghaus Verden 65 Rucksack +10 is a lightweight, large and comfprtable piece of kit that will cater for the long haul hikers and trekkers out there. It's a top loader with several outer pockets to compatmentize your essentials. there is also a couple of large mesh pockets on either side for your drinks, or insect spray...quick access! The rucksack is also hydration pack compatible with the usual tube access allowing water refreshmant when on the trail. Inside the main compartment, you can seperate into two areas for dirty and clean clothes and the volume is big enough to cater for both. The biofit system incorporated inti the Berghaus Verden 65 Rucksack allows the wearer, tall or short, to get the right fit with many straps for exact positioning. the rucksack really hugs your body, essential if you're crrying haevy loads. The padded sternum strap gives you even more stability. The secure strap system will give you good back support for those long trips and the strong material is made to last giving the Berghaus Verden 65 Rucksack a robust feel. The attached waterproof cover is large enough to cover the whole rucksack and with a little extra roon if have an attached sleeping back positioned at the bottom. The colour is also a very striking jet black and coal combination. A couple of concern that do crop up are all to do with the straps. Nothing like being weak or anything, it's just that there are so many of them! Some are very long and may need to be taped or knotted to reduce their length, and if you're a novice, there are no instructions as to how the straps should be adjusted. If it's your very first purchse of a large hiking rucksack, a litle trial and error in getting the comfort settings may be needed. Overall, we give the Berghaus Verden 65 Rucksack +10 a healthy 4.1 out of 5. You can rely on the quality brand of Berghaus, they rarely let you down. the Biofit is a good idea, easpecially if you're taller or shorter than avaerge. Go here to see more info on the Berghaus Verden 65 Rucksack +10

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