Deuter Speed Lite 10 Alpine Rucksack Review

The Deuter Speed Lite Alpine 10 rucksack is the ideal carrying pack for short dry hikes, or long cycle routes and the 10L capacity enables the wearer to carry the essential when out and about.

Suitable for hill walking, hiking, biking, cycling, Nordic walking, and running, the Deuter Speed Lite 10 Backpack is constructed from Hexlite 210 and Deuter Ripstop 210 fabrics.

These reinforced materials are highly durable whilst remaining lightweight, protecting your belongings but not weighing you down. The frame of the bag is engineered in a ‘U’ shape, giving you that essential stability without extra bulk or weight.

The Deuter Speed Lite 10 Alpine Rucksack has also been designed in a tapered shape to allow extra movement of the arms for an unrestricted workout. The Speed Lite 10 Alpine Rucksack features a variety of pockets for safe and secure storage of essential items. Side mesh pockets provide easy access storage for drinks bottles and energy food.

An external zip pocket secures smaller items such as keys. The backpack also features an internal wet pocket, a feature that allows separation of wet and dry belongings. The backpack is also compatible with a hydration system. Delrin® U-Frame – Constructed from ultra lightweight, high strength polyamide with reinforcements on bottom of pack.

Deuter Speed Lite 10 Alpine Rucksack Review

Deuter Speed Lite 10 Alpine RucksackWhen out walking or on a cycling trip, we don’t always want a great humping backpack that can sometimes be just…awkward! This is where the Deuter Speed Lite 10 Alpine Rucksack comes in.

With a 10L capacity you can get all your essentials in and can also use it with a hydration pack. There are two compartments, the main one which can fit in your drinks, spare lightweight raincoat, GPS and even a small amount of shopping! It’s surprising how much a 10L space can carry.

The other compartment is good for your wallet, keys, maps, and other small items that tend to be carried when out and about.

The fit is comfortable as the Deuter Speed Lite 10 Alpine Rucksack is so light. On the outside you have 2 side mesh pockets and strong zips with handy pull loops.

This backpack is also hydration pack compatible and with a 2 litre water bladder added, you really have the perfect backpack for day hiking and cycling. There is also a 20L version which may be the choice for longer hikes, along with a 15L and 30L version.

It’s also an excellent choice for summit climbs where you just need the minimum of equipment with you.

Another great way to use this Deuter backpack is attending sporting event where you’re going to be out all day, such as a cricket match, or a day at the races. It’s also excellent for cycle users as you can hardly feel it on your back.

We give the Deuter Speed Lite 10 Alpine Rucksack a solid 4.5 out of 5 with the only little gripe being its price. Some may say the £40+ price a little steep, but with a Deuter, you know you’re going to get a quality product.

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