Sulandy Vintage Canvas Leather Hiking Backpack

This Sulandy Vintage Canvas Leather Hiking backpack can be used for any number of activities, but be warned, it’s a big bulky thing that hangs off your back like a pet monkey!

Don’t let that description put you off though…for the price it’s a very good piece of kit…read on!

  • Good Quality
  • Excellent For DSLR cameras and tablets such as ipads and 15 inch Laptops
  • Fashion Backpack for Travelling or Hiking
  • Travel Rucksack or Schoolbag satchel for Women and Men
  • Size: Length(30cm) x 48cm(Height) x 15cm(W)/11.8″ (L) x 18.89″ (H) x 5.9″(W)

Sulandy Vintage Canvas Leather Hiking Backpack Review

Sulandy Vintage Canvas Leather Hiking backpackYou either love them or loathe them. They either look totally cool or awkwardly uncomfortable. In our eyes, this particular model, the Sulandy Vintage Canvas Leather Hiking backpack, looks cool…but we wouldn’t want to take it out on a long trek!

It’s heavy for a start, but you know with the amount of material it took to make this backpack, you can be, at least, assured of its strength. Take this hiking for more than 5 miles and you’ll regret it!

So what is the best use of this very well priced rucksack? How about days out where the furthest you’ll walk is a couple of miles…say the beach, or perhaps a picnic…fishing maybe or it would be ideal for taking your DSLR with all the kit? There’s certainly enough room inside for a good day out.

Also ideal for school and Uni as well as work and commuting…it really is an all rounder.

There are lots of compartments both zippered and pop buttoned and they’re very well made and should be robust enough to last a good few years. The leather straps not only adds more strength, but also adds to that vintage look.

What the Sulandy Vintage Canvas Leather Hiking backpack has is lots of character, something you can’t say about most backpacks. It’s likely to become a loyal friend that fits in with everyone around.

It won’t let you down or embarrass you and when the time comes to replace it…you will probably keep it for old times sake anyway!

We give the Sulandy Vintage Canvas Leather Hiking backpack a healthy 4.2 out of 5 because it’s a good looking backpack that will stand out from the norm. No branding logo’s, no bright colours, no pretentiousness…just a very good rucksack.

As stated earlier, we wouldn’t take this on a long hike and it’s not waterproof, but it would be fine for days out, school, work, uni, photography and for just looking good!

You can see why the reviews over at Amazon are very much in the positive!

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